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The Kakhovka tragedy: an environmental perspective

The Kakhovka tragedy: an environmental perspective

The destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant is one of the biggest man-made disasters of the 21st century, and the environmental consequences of which are almost impossible to predict in full. However, each of us should be aware of the possible consequences for the environment and people living in the flooded area.

Therefore, in order to answer the most common questions, we invited Vladyslav Mykhailenko, PhD in Ecology (old-style PhD in Geography), Assistant Professor of Ecology and Environmental Protection, member of the Council of Young Scientists at the Odesa Regional State Administration and co-founder of @misto_m_odesa.

At the event, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Impact on the Black Sea and its restoration;
  • Implications for agricultural land;
  • Possibilities of assessing the situation in the area of long-term flooding;
  • Impact on the microclimate of the affected area;
  • stories about mass deaths of birds in the Kuyalnik estuary after the hydroelectric power plant disaster;
  • environmental consequences of the disaster in a global sense.

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