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Introducing Smartaid

Introducing Smartaid

Dear friends, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our donors, the international non-governmental organization SmartAID.

SmartAID fights global poverty and economic inequality by using technology in humanitarian crises. The organization partners with entrepreneurs, startups, and manufacturers to develop technology solutions to humanitarian problems. SmartAID focuses on promoting human-centered innovation and technology for the benefit of society.

“Technology has a significant impact on humanitarian aid, revolutionizing the way aid is delivered and improving its effectiveness. With the help of technology, aid organizations can now collect and analyze data in real-time, enabling them to respond more quickly and efficiently to emergencies. This is why we are happy to partner with Manifest Mira to help local Ukrainianaid organizations to communicate with affected other charities, government institutions and local affect communities, providing them a unique hum to improve the flow of information.” says Shahar Zahavi, Founding Director of SmartAID.

We are grateful to SmartAID for their support and faith in our project!