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Bookstore in the coworking space

Bookstore in the coworking space

Do you like to read? It’s probably a strange question to ask these days.
Do you love books? Do you take them carefully in your hands and open the first page with inexplicable excitement and anticipation of something new? Do you want to learn something new, or experience exciting adventures, or immerse yourself in the emotions of the author and his characters?

A person may have more important things to do than read a book. And a book has no more important thing to do than find a reader and be read. And we want to help people read and books to be read.

That’s why Unity Nest and our friends from are opening a small bookstore. Right here in our coworking space, you can buy books - from children’s books to business literature, from books by Ukrainian classics to new releases by young authors. And if we don’t have the book right now, you can order it on and pick it up at the coworking space.

Come and become a reader - every day, from 9 to 21, at Unity Nest coworking at 21 Zhukovskoho Street.