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Meet AI!

Meet AI!

Even before we opened our coworking space, we mentioned that one of the participants in our project is artificial intelligence, namely ChatGPT. And this is not a joke or an attempt to catch some hype. 

It all started with a question: “Suggest 10 names for a coworking space that is focused on helping NGOs and volunteers.” In fact, we didn’t like any of the names, but among them we saw the word “Nest” and decided that it was a good replacement for the boring “Space” or “Hub”.  

Soon, AI quickly helped us develop our website and started writing texts for it and for our social media accounts. And, to be honest, it does some things better - for example, we can’t arrange emojis as well as it does, we can only tell it to avoid using rockets and flames - unfortunately, we have slightly different associations with it now.

But what are we talking about AI for? Would you like to get to know it yourself? Write to us in any messenger - on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp - and AI will be the first to respond. If it fails, a human will come to the rescue. 

But for now, it’s still working on it…