What is happening

We are opening

We are opening

📣 Exciting news, everyone! Unity Nest, Odesa’s much-anticipated coworking space, is opening at June 9th! Developed with the generous support of Lifting Hands International and SmartAid, we’re committed to making a difference in our community.

Designed with NGOs, IT professionals, and creative professionals in mind, Unity Nest is preparing to be your go-to place for collaboration, innovation, and positive impact. With a reliable internet connection, uninterrupted power supply, and comfortable workstations, we’re crafting the perfect space for your productivity and comfort.

But Unity Nest is more than just a coworking space! We’re setting the stage for engaging educational programs, networking events, and robust support during crises. Calling all startups, freelancers - this will be your hub too!

So, whether you’re passionate about creating a better world or bringing a new idea to life, Unity Nest will be the place for you. 🌍 Join us in the upcoming weeks and become part of our vibrant community of change-makers.